and attract ideal clients
like a freakin’ magnet

Brand Boldly LIVE is a 6-month group program designed to help you use your personality to stand out unapologetically online, attract clients that light your soul on fire on auto-pilot , and create the clarity and confidence you need to share your message in a powerful way.

If you’re a service-based entrepreneur and want more clients by being YOU…

Here’s what you absolutely need to know:

Brand Boldly LIVE is a small group / mastermind container so you get answers to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION because you will get personalized hot seat coaching on every training call.

You get FULL accountability. Which means NO HIDING. I will know you. I will know your story. You will be EXCITED to do the work and get shit done (listen to the testimonials below if you don’t believe me).

This program has an 87% completion rate (the industry average is ~30% ) and 92% of people show up LIVE for EVERY call for the entire 6 months of the program. Mic drop 🎤

We do things in bite-sized, actionable steps with implementation support. This isn’t a program to buy and then “do it when you have time.” There is TIME built into this to GET.IT.DONE. without getting overwhelmed.

You get unlimited content audits. Meaning I will read / review every sales page, email, post, insta story, whatever that you want me to while you’re in the program. This alone is easily worth 10 times the cost of the program.

So like… why should you listen to ME?

Hey, l’m Brooke and l’m really freaking good at this stuff.

I’m not saying that just because expertise is important.
I’m saying it because I’ve been there.
I know what it’s like to want more – more visibility, more clients, more income.

I took all the online courses (over 20 of ’em actually) to learn the strategies.
I attended all the webinars about the new, shiny object that I thought would save me.
I binged all the “girlboss” content I could get my hands on.

Until I realized why it wasn’t working…

I already knew what I was “supposed” to do…
I already knew what I wanted to say and even how to do it (most of it at least)

But I never felt confident enough to IMPLEMENT the things.

Confidence comes from clarity.

Clarity comes from taking action.

And taking ACTION is what Brand Boldly LIVE is all about, baby. 

I wanna’ make sure this is the easiest decision you’ve ever made.

is for you if:

You feel stuck because:

  • you already know what you’re “supposed” to do, but you can’t get yourself to actually follow through and DO it
  • you’re hesitant because you’ve already taken other programs without getting results or quitting halfway through
  • you know you’re SO. CLOSE. to making money, but you’re still dipping into savings and credit cards to pay your bills
  • you post and email and insta story and try #allthethings but all you hear back is cricket city
  • you keep attracting people that can’t afford you or are super indecisive
  • you’re making around $1-2k/month (maybe less, maybe more)

But you *know* you’re finally ready to:

create 5-10k months consistently working with clients you absolutely LOVE

have confidence to show up fully and say what you REALLY want to say

stop feeling like you’re putting on a mask or cramming yourself into a box just to make money

create a solid work/life balance + boundaries that you actually stick to

feel fully in alignment with your brand and message so you can create the impact you desire

LOVE showing off your website and shamelessly sending the link to everyone who’ll listen

have clients showing up unexpectedly saying “OMG I loved your website/email! How do I work with you?!”

attract clients who’re fully invested in themselves, do the work, and value your expertise

Imagine yourself with this kind of clarity & support


 What you can expect  to happen in Brand Boldly LIVE :


new spins on the foundations – stuff you “know” – like ideal client avatars and boring email marketing strategies – but never implemented because it never felt right to you


confidence in your mission, message, + ability to change your clients’ lives like WHOA


believing in yourself and owning your story + owning that you’re a powerful effing genius that can change lives


mindset shifts from a woo-woo illiterate human – I’m sharing what works for ME as someone who ends up doodling every time I try to journal and refuses to stare in the mirror and tell myself how awesome I am


MOMENTUM. MOMENTUM. MOMENTUM. finally checking things off your list in a way that feels aligned and gets you closer to your dream biz than ever before


strategy (of course) – I’m the queen of strategy, but finding YOUR strategy – the coaching calls are designed to dissect the homework and find what works and FEELS GOOD for YOU


REAL community. As an introvert, I used to skim over this like eh, whatever. I don’t care. I don’t plan on engaging. But guess what… THIS is the thing that has caused the BIGGEST shifts in my energy, mindset, and INCOME. What would change for you if you had REAL, ACTUAL FRIENDSHIPS with people who truly “get you” and what you’re doing in your business?


having time to implement during the program with coworking sessions, Q&A calls, and plenty of weeks with no NEW homework – just time to implement what you have

getting your website UP, your copy written, your colors + fonts chosen, your freebie funnel live, your programs open, and your content strategy WORKING

That’s why you need

To finally get your business up and running in a way that feels GOOD for your soul. No more doing what you think you “should” be doing – and instead finding the way that truly WORKS for you.

With support and feedback every step of the way

This is what you’ve been waiting for…

Brand Boldly LIVE is not another “information hoarder” program.

We IMPLEMENT these concepts every step of the way.
We see results because we finally take the actions.

And it feels pretty D.A.M.N. good.

The program follows along with my D.A.M.N. good framework:

D. Define your message, your market, your offer, & learn how to talk about it so people “get it”

A. Attract the “right” kind of clients and Automate the process for building “know like trust”/ LOVE

M. Magnetize your audience to you by capturing your voice + message visually (and with actual words)

N. Nurture your existing audience to maintain a pool of potential clients that love you & buy consistently

Okay, so there are two A’s… I guest that makes it daamn good. Even better.

training 1

Define your dream biz and develop a plan to ACTUALLY ACHIEVE IT

training 2

Uncover your unique story & use it to stand out BOLDLY online

training 3

Add more personality into your biz and powerfully use your voice

training 4

Get all up in your ideal clients’ heads to make sure they truly “get” you

training 5

Design the perfect HELL YES offer and price your packages for maximum profit

training 6

Write engaging copy that sounds like YOU and inspires MASSIVE action

training 7

Master social media (with no overwhelm) to build BFF-level stalkers followers

training 8

Attract ideal clients like a magnet with freebies that blow their pants off  

training 9

Build your system to let your audience fall madly in love with you on auto-pilot

training 10

Use your online content to get the RIGHT people into sales convos

training 11

Learn to conduct yourself like a real, actual human during your sales convos

training 12

Create consistent content with ease to feel confident moving forward

Ready to hear it from someone other than me?!

Listen to Lee’s story!

Lee booked over new 100 clients, cut down her social media to only ONE platform, created a rockin’ freebie, wrote kick-ass website copy, and best of all – no longer feels like she’s trying to force herself into a box that never felt right.

Chrystal used to spend hours researching different “competitor” websites trying to piece together what to say, but now content creation, social media, + storytelling feel SO easy.

Jasmine had been in biz a while, but she kept pivoting and re-doing all the “beginning steps” without gaining any traction. Now she feels confident that she has a clear timeline of what to focus on.

Kristin was worried about seeing real results because she’d already taken biz programs before. But in here, she made her entire investment back within the first month of the program!

I’m ready for clarity, confidence, + clients, baby!

One payment of $3,497   or   six monthly payments of $647

And Petra?!? omg…

When she started Brand Boldly LIVE she had NOTHING but an idea to have her own business. She created a HELL YES offer, started working with clients, built her website from scratch (ps – it’s GORGEOUS), but her fav part was the homework “it’s hands-on and at the end of a module, you get actionable answers/tools to work with and not just more blablabla”

Kristi said the clarity she got allowed her to be more focused and more done inside of Brand Boldly LIVE than she was able to in the entire year before she joined!

Tami’s was tired of hiding her face and feeling embarrassed by her website, but now she’s proud to show it off and send everyone there!

What you can expect to “get” in our 6 months:

Bi-weekly step-by-step training modules

Every other week, you’ll get access to a new fill-out-able workbook with genius prompts and an accompanying video walk-through to help you gain massive clarity AND give you crystal clear action steps on what to do.

Bi-weekly hot seat coaching for everyone

Honestly, this might be the BEST part of the program. I keep this program small for a reason – every single person that joins will get time to speak and ask questions on our bi-weekly Q&A calls to get customized support and feedback.

Monthly group co-working workshops

Once a month (on our off weeks from new homework) we’ll have group co-working sessions to make sure we have plenty of time to IMPLEMENT what we learn in real time so you can get feedback on it in immediately.

Monthly website implementation + training calls

Once a month (on our off weeks from new homework) we’ll have website-specific calls to help you with strategy, tech support, and more. Not only will your site look gorgeous, it will be set up to bring in clients on auto-pilot, baby.

Weekly mindset video training via FB Live

Every Monday morning, we’ll start the week off with a short, actionable training on FB live where I’ll walk you through my personal mindset routines, practices, etc. for dealing with the inevitable BS that tends to come up when we’re working through specific content.

Small, tight-knit community of BFF’s

I know this one sounds so cliché because it’s always included on these things. But REALLY. Having like-minded biz besties to bounce ideas off of and support each other on your journeys is literally priceless. Brand Boldly LIVE alumni stay friends for life, yo. Just listen to them in the testimonial videos.

Lifetime access to all materials + replays

If you ever can’t make a call, no worries – or even if you just need a refresher – you’ll be able to watch all of the replays as many times as you need to. You’ll also keep all of the resources, tools, and bonus materials we share throughout our 6 months together (and we have A LOT by the end)!

Can’t forget to talk about Lucy!

When she started Brand Boldly LIVE she said her biz was wearing diapers, but now it’s like a full-grown woman! Her fav part of the program was the community and sisterhood she felt with the other ladies in the group.

Debbie MORE than doubled her YouTube subscribers, got massive clarity around her offer, and found a way to be multi-passionate AND feel focused in her biz.

Mastered how to translate her voice and personality into her social media, website, + copy so her readers feel welcome feel like she’s talking to them.

I  almost  forgot!!

You also get these juicy bonuses

Website in a Week

Valued at $697

Finally create the gorgeous website that feels like YOU – in just one week. This course is designed to help you:

  • Write all the words so they sound exactly like YOU and inspire your viewers to take ACTION on the site (think email signups, course purchases, discovery calls booked) with the copy prompts in the course (yes. even if you suck at writing.)
  • Overcome any and all tech terror with step-by-step ~5 minute tutorial videos for every single step of the process from hosting setup to customizing colors.
  • Get everything up and running FAST with the super easy to use drag and drop website builder and pre-designed template I made for you! Yay for no code! 
  • and look totally gorgeous. of course.

Coaching + unlimited feedback on content in FB group

Valued at $997

This isn’t just a regular ol’ “FB group for support” in between calls. No freakin’ way… the group is set up as a container for feedback on whatever you’re working on!

We’ll spend our regular call time doing hot-seat coaching, answering Q’s, etc. and then you get to come into the group to get real-time feedback on the IMPLEMENTATION part of the process from me AND from the kick-ass community (really. they rock. go look at the screenshots from the group.) 

You get to share things like:

  • Sales pages, social media posts, emails, freebies – basically ANY copy you want to be read before you post.
  • Anything and everything DESIGN related, because I’m a designer at heart, baby. I’ll help you with logos, social graphics, website images, etc.
  • Literally anything else you can think of – website pages, webinar slides, ad copy, whatever.

Plus these totally insane *disappearing* bonuses

Once these puppies are gone, they’re GONE.  I wouldn’t wait. 


Customized 1:1 Brand Personality Assessment

Disappears October 17

$297 value

If you join during the exclusive pre-sale period, you’ll get a 1 hour strategy session with me,  Brooke, to help you discover and incorporate your unique personality profile into your marketing strategy so you can connect and resonate with their audience more powerfully.

NO. 1 of 3

Half day intensive for done-with-you design + website time

Disappears November 8

$997 value

If you join by Monday, November 8, you’ll also get a VIP half-day intensive with me where I will help you refine your copy, design your website, graphic templates, social media, or any other design elements you need more help creating.

NO. 2 of 3

Logo + graphic design half-day group workshop

Disappears November 10

$497 value

If you join by Wednesday, November 10, you’ll also get a group half-day intensive with me where I’ll walk you through design best practices for social media templates, logos, colors, fonts, and more. There will also be time built into the workshop to get personalized feedback on your own designs!

NO. 3 of 3

Nerdy tech + systems strategy course to bring in clients on auto-pilot

Disappears November 11

$197 value

If you join by Thursday, November 11, you’ll get access to my course that walks you through exactly how my biz runs behind the scenes in terms of systems, tech, strategy, automations, and so much more.

I’m ready for clarity, confidence, + clients, baby!

One payment of $3,497   or   six monthly payments of $647

Brand Boldly LIVE doors open:








Want even more proof?

Read through some of these puppies to get a feel for the kinds of things that happen inside of Brand Boldly LIVE.

If you click on them, they’ll get bigger

Get some A’s to your Q’s


We’ll have a bonus orientation call on Monday, November 15th. Then, our first official coaching call will be Thursday, November 18, 2021 and will run through the end of April 2022.

But really, you get to start as soon as you register! Once you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the Brand Boldly LIVE Orientation materials so you can immediately dive the heck in. PLUS you’ll get instant access to the Brand Boldly LIVE members-only Facebook community to get to know the other amazing group members and start workin’ on your thang right away.


This is a group program, but I can promise you this… it won’t feel like it. You will have every opportunity to ask any and every question that pops into your brain and get feedback freakishly fast.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON WILL GET HOT SEAT TIME on our bi-weekly coaching calls so you can ask your questions live there AND in the group. You can post anything and everything in the FB group for feedback (think sales pages, websites, social media posts, emails, etc.) Basically, the only way you WON’T get an answer is if you don’t ask the question. Pinky promise.


YES! Brand Boldly LIVE is PERFECT for new businesses. You can get started on the right track and save yourself so much time down the road.

Also, regardless of what stage of business you’re in, your goals need to include providing a shit-ton of value to your clients – if your goal is to make a bunch of money the slimy + sleazy way, then we won’t be a good fit.

I’M A {insert random profession here}. WILL BRAND BOLDLY LIVE BE GOOD FOR MY BUSINESS?

As long as your business provides a “service” to your clients, then yes. A few examples include coaches, consultants, graphic designers, artists, creative entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, online course creators, and local service businesses like real estate agents, cosmetologists, neighborhood dog walkers, whatevs.

Basically, as long as you’re not selling actual, physical products, then you’re good (those things require different marketing strategies and it just ain’t my thang).


If only that’s how the world worked, amiright?! But no… that’s all on you, baby. All I can do is give you the tools to help you get where you want to be.

I CAN guarantee that I will be there for you 110%, every step of the way, and I’ll be fully dedicated to you and helping you achieve your version of success.


No worries. I got you, boo. All of the calls will be recorded and you’ll get access to them FOR LIFE (along with any updates I make to the program!) inside the membership site. You can listen to them as many times as you want! Of course it’s obvs better to be there live, so once you join BBL, you’ll get access to the calendar of dates and times for the program so you can plan accordingly.

I’ve been in other programs before... WHAT MAKES this one DIFFERENT?

If you choose Brand Boldly LIVE, it’s because of ME: Brooke. No one else can teach these things the way that I teach them. Because no one else’s brain works the way mine does. And if you’ve made it this far down this long-ass page, then I’m guessing you resonate at least a little bit with the way my brain works.

I am my brand. I am my differentiator. I am my unique selling proposition. Just like YOU are for your business. You are your brand. You are your differentiator.

Just let me teach you how to use it.

lt’s time to trust yourself…

Because listen, only YOU can decide what’s right for you. Take a minute. Think about what it would feel like to be fully supported, and to wake up every day and have a business you’re absolutely in love with because it’s designed specifically to get you where YOU want to be.

If that feels right, then I’d love to help you. 💛

I’m ready for clarity, confidence, + clients, baby!

One payment of $3,497   or   six monthly payments of $647

Brand Boldly LIVE doors open:








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